Who We Are

Started in 2018 by founder Erica Stevenson, Moan Inc. aims to bring the ancient world into the modern day through film. The company name stands for “Modern Ancients” with the added “inc.” on the end simply because it sounds like the word “moaning”. By bringing the ancient world into the familiar light of the 21st century, Moan aims to show our viewers that there really is no difference between the world of the ancients and our own.

People are quick to judge the studies of ancient history because it is seen as irrelevant. We only see this world behind rope barriers at a museum, through glass cases on display, extravagant paintings in galleries, ruins around our favourite holiday destinations and documentaries presented by professors on television. The facts are shown as … well, quite frankly … boring dates and details you may only ever need to pass an exam.

Moan Inc. wants to change that.

Moan Inc. acts as the middle man between the myths we are told as children and the university lecture space you all try to avoid. We aim to connect the ancient world to the world we live in today by doing the opposite of what is normally done: instead of taking our audience back to the cobbled streets of Athens or the senate house in Rome, we’re going to bring those histories to the bars of London and parks of New York City. If we can mirror the architecture, the way we travel, how we create art and how we style education, then why would our approach to ideas, politics, laws and even the way we socialise be any different?

After all, nothing’s really changed … has it?